«Moscow metro»

Абрамова Анастасия Александровна,
учитель английского языка
ГБОУ Школа №1798 «Феникс»

Сценарий урока «Moscow metro» 7 класс


— Hello, boys and girls. We are glad to see you. Sit down.

— Today our lesson is unusual. It’s about the Moscow metro. You know, that yesterday, the 15th of May was the birthday of the Moscow metro. So, today we’ll speak about this beautiful architectural phenomenon and a means of transport.

Работа с текстом — ДЗ

— So, you have got the text about the Moscow underground history – it was your homework – to read and translate it. By the way, do we translate the names of the stations into the English language? Why?

— Let’s translate the words, that are in this text.

— What is the English for:

@ вестибюль в метро – distribution hall

@ натяжной плакат, растяжка — banner

@ мягкие сидения – padded seats

@ край платформы – platform edge

@ переговорное устройство – intercommunication system

@ чугунные перила – cast – iron railing

@ лестница эскалатора – stair of escalator

@ сесть в поезд – take a train

@ декоративное окно – fasle — window

@ пересадочная станция – transfer station

@ поручень – hand rail

  • Find and read the sentences with the following words.

# ceiling

# granite

# bronze sculptures

# construction

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